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Home and Hospital Positions

Home and Hospital Teachers are part-time, non-contracted employees who are hired on a per student basis. It is the responsibility of the home teacher to instruct students on an individual basis in a home, hospital, or community setting in a variety of subject areas for the period of time a referred student is out of school. Home and Hospital teachers act as the liaison between the students, parents, and the home schools to help students remain current with their regular class. A Howard County teacher may also serve as a home and hospital teacher.

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Applicant Requirements

  • Minimum of Bachelor’s Degree or have demonstrated satisfactory performance as a home and hospital teacher before July 1, 2001
  • Current teacher certification is preferred, but not required
  • A car and a valid driver’s license


  • Complete an Online Application
  • Successfully interview with the Pupil Personnel Worker for Home and Hospital Teaching
  • Complete an employee background check
  • Be placed on the active Home and Hospital roster
  • Obtain a photo identification through the Office of Security, view Dates and Times


  • Graduated Pay Scale
  • Paid Planning Time
  • Mileage Reimbursement
  • Flexible Hours
  • 1-to-1 Student Contact
  • Sense of Professional Autonomy
  • State and Local Recognition Awards Of Excellence
  • Liability Insurance

Job Requirements

The home and hospital teacher will follow these steps in providing educational services to home bound students as appropriate:

  • Accept referral from Home and Hospital Teaching Office with the following information:
    • Student data
    • Name/address/phone number, etc.
    • Disability/duration/any precautions, transition plan (when appropriate)
    • Name/phone number of referring physician
    • Home school/grade level
    • Schedule of classes
    • List of subjects to be taught
    • Grades to date
    • Names of classroom teachers
    • Contact person at school
    • Date of 60-day reverification meeting
    • Interim Alternative Setting
    • IEP when appropriate
    • Other relevant information
  • Contact the parent or guardian within 24 HOURS to introduce yourself.
  • Contact school staff within 24 HOURS to introduce yourself and have guidance disseminate H/H FORM 13.
  • Visit the student’s home school to talk with relevant school staff, gather books and materials, and negotiate details of service delivery plan.
  • Expect books and materials within 48 HOURS after your request.
  • Attend 60-day reverification, 30-day review, and IEP team meetings, when appropriate.
  • At the conclusion of the assignment, give the parent or guardian a parent feedback form to be completed and returned to the Home and Hospital Teaching Office.
  • Call the Home and Hospital Teaching Office for ANY concerns or questions.
  • Call the Home and Hospital Teaching Office and the registrar at the conclusion of the assignment with the termination date and grades.
  • Complete all necessary paper work; for example, reimbursement forms and interim grade reports (when appropriate).
  • Complete final Grade Report Form (H/H Form 7) and send it to the Guidance Office/Registrar with a copy to the Home and Hospital Teaching Office.
  • Return books and materials to home school at the conclusion of the instructional period.


Outlined below is a list of what will be expected from you and upon being hired you agree to be evaluated upon:

A. Planning

The teacher will:

  • Develop with classroom teachers an academic plan for the projected period of time the student will be out of school
  • Develop a teaching schedule with the student and parent and provide parents with a copy of Parent Guidelines.
  • Prepare a written lesson plan for each student meeting.
  • Plan according to the instructional needs and abilities of the student, implementing the Interim Alternative Setting IEP when applicable.
  • Relate plans to the county curriculum and to the classroom teachers’ plans.
  • Develop strategies to deal with the physical/emotional disabilities in an effective way.

B. Subject Matter Presentation

The teacher will:

  • Follow the written lesson plans as described in Part I PLANNING.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of the discipline being taught.
  • Use content as specified in the county curriculum.
  • Use planned opening procedures, lesson development, and closing strategies.
  • Provide for appropriate interaction and participation of student.
  • Use a variety of materials and strategies in the development of the lesson.
  • Use only instructional materials which conform to the subject selection criteria.

C. Activities

The teacher will:

  • Provide varied learning experiences which are relevant to current lesson objectives and curriculum guidelines.
  • Provide evaluative activities which emphasize observable outcomes.

D. Learning Environment

The teacher will:

  • Respect cultural diversities.
  • Provide positive reinforcement.
  • Maintain standards of student behavior so that lesson objectives may be attained.
  • Help the parent understand the need for a functionally neat, orderly, and quiet learning environment.

E. Student Evaluation

The teacher will:

  • Have written grading procedures that conform to county and school guidelines, including criteria for evaluation of projects and essays.
  • Notify students and parents of the grading system.
  • Maintain sufficient recorded data for each student to support grading procedures.

F. General Performance Standards

The teacher will:

  • Begin instruction within a responsible time after accepting the assignment.
  • Maintain the teaching schedule developed with the parent.
  • Value the confidentiality of the family situations in which they become involved.
  • Work actively at maintaining communication with home school staffs.

Please Note: We no longer accept paper or faxed applications or reference forms.