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Chromebook Repair Costs

The following charges may be assessed for HCPSS-issued devices and power adapters that are lost/stolen or damaged while in a student’s care and/or as the result of neglect on the part of the student. Students who currently receive Free and Reduced Meal services will be charged an additionally reduced amount.

Please note: Items listed below are examples of damages and associated costs. This is not an exhaustive list and additional items may be included.

Tier 1: $25

  • Missing keys on keyboard
  • Trackpad has peeled up
  • Minor chassis/casing damage (not impacting other parts of the device)
  • Broken camera
  • Broken or lost/stolen power adapter
  • Broken speaker
  • Additional damages, as applicable

Tier 2: $50

  • Moderate chassis/casing damage (impacting two or more parts of the device)
  • Additional damages, as applicable
  • Combined Tier 1 damage

Tier 3: $100

  • Damaged screen
  • Major chassis/casing damage (impacting three or more parts of the device)
  • Damaged mainboard power button or ports (i.e. USB, audio jack, etc.)
  • Additional damages, as applicable
  • Combined Tier 1 and Tier 2 damage

Tier 4 – Device Replacement: $200

  • Device replacement due to fluid damage
  • Device replacement due to destruction
  • Additional damages, as applicable
  • Device replacement due to loss
  • Device replacement due to theft
  • Combined damage due to Tier 1, Tier 2, and Tier 3 damage