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Athletics – Weather-Related Procedures

School Closing Due To Inclement Weather

All use of school facilities will be canceled when schools are closed for the full day or dismissed early due to emergency conditions or emergency measures.

Snow/Ice – Afternoon

If snow or ice arrives before 2:00 p.m., a decision to play or cancel will be made by the Central Office based on weather reports from the HCPSS Transportation Office. Your school will be notified as soon as possible.

Snow/Ice – Evening

If snow or ice arrives in the late afternoon or evening, the Administrator on duty will make the final decision.

  • If a snow emergency plan goes into effect prior to the game or practice, it will be canceled.
  • If a snow emergency plan goes into effect after the start of a game or practice, the event may be completed.

Snow/Ice – Saturday/Non-School Day Snow/Ice

If a snow emergency plan for Howard County is in effect at 7:00 a.m. on a Saturday, Sunday, or on a day when schools are closed for students, all community programs and activities scheduled to take place in school facilities are canceled. Should the snow emergency plan go into effect after 7:00 a.m., programs and activities that are in progress may be completed. All programs scheduled to begin after the time that the snow emergency plan went into effect are canceled.

If a team or student group is involved in an event outside of Howard County:

  • They may depart for the event after the emergency plan is lifted.
  • They may not travel through a county that has a snow emergency plan in effect.

Coaches may call the HCPSS Information Hotline at 410-313-6827 to receive a recorded message regarding community use activities.

If a snow emergency plan goes into effect before the practice or game, it must be canceled. Please use common sense before sending participants and spectators home.

If a snow emergency plan goes into effect after the start of the game or practice, it may be completed.

Snow Emergency Website

To check active snow emergency plans, go to the following website:

When a team is on an overnight trip, they may compete unless travel is involved and a snow emergency is in effect at their location.

Regional/State Events

If a regional or state event is involved, a special decision will be made by our Superintendent in conjunction with the MPSSAA new webpage

Extreme Cold

Modifications to outdoor practice will be through consultation with the Coordinator of Athletics, local AAM, and school staff.