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Handbook – Board of Education

The Board of Education includes seven elected members for four-year terms, and a student member elected by a plurality of student voters countywide. Under Maryland law, responsibilities of the Board include:

  • Exercising leadership and adopting policies for the operation of local schools.
  • Determining educational standards and goals.
  • Authorizing curriculum development and revision.
  • Allocating money for school operational needs and building programs, and authorizing specific expenditures from county, state and federal sources.
  • Expressing and representing the views of the community in matters affecting education.
  • Appointing and setting the salaries of the superintendent and, on the recommendation of the superintendent, all professional personnel.
  • Interpreting the educational program and needs to the community.
  • Acting in a quasi-judicial role in appeal hearings.

Public meetings of the Board of Education are generally held every second and fourth Thursday of the month at 4 p.m. Regular meetings include two Public Forum sessions, which allow the public to address the Board regarding any education related topic. The meeting agenda may also include hearings, action items, reports, appointments, and a student government report. All meeting schedules are published on BoardDocs, available at

The agenda is released three days prior to each regular Board meeting. To obtain an agenda or to review any reports presented to the Board, interested citizens may visit BoardDocs at or call the Board office at 410‑313‑7194.

Public Hearings

Periodically, the Board schedules a meeting to receive public input on a particular issue or policy. These hearings provide time for citizens to present their testimony to the Board in open forum. Citizens may also submit written testimony by mail or email at Note: oral and written testimony hold equal weight. All written testimony submitted is part of the public record maintained by the Board Office and is posted online in the appropriate part of the agenda following the meeting.

Work Sessions and Special Meetings

The Board also schedules special meetings or public work sessions, as needed, to discuss specific topics. These meetings provide an opportunity for the Board to publicly deliberate and discuss an issue.

Closed Sessions

The Board holds closed sessions to discuss personnel items, matters of litigation and other items as provided for in law. These meetings are held in accordance with the Maryland Open Meetings Law and the Maryland Annotated Code.

Contact the Board

Correspondence to school board members may be mailed to:

Howard County Board of Education
Attention: Board of Education Members
10910 Clarksville Pike
Ellicott City, MD 21042

or emailed to: (All Board members receive email at this address.)