Library Media

The library media center and its resources are available to every student and educator in the school system. Learning and teaching is fully integrated into the curriculum to promote students’ achievement of learning goals. The library media specialist in each school connects students and others with the information they need to engage in learning by providing intellectual and physical access to materials in a variety of formats.

In an information age, it is increasingly important to teach students the skills necessary to locate, use, synthesize, apply, evaluate and share information. These skills are in a PreK- 12 continuum as students gain increasing expertise through their school years. These information literacy skills are essential for student progress throughout the schooling process and are a vital component of lifelong learning.


The mission of the Howard County School Library Media Program is to provide opportunities for students and staff to become effective users of ideas and information.

Learning and teaching, information access, and program administration are the essential elements of school library media programs. These elements suggest the roles that the library media specialist plays in supporting student learning. The functions and services necessary to the learning and teaching and the information access roles will promote that learning directly; program administration activities offer underlying organization support to the program.

The goal areas and objectives for library media specialists are derived from Information Power: Building Partnerships for Learning (American Library Association, 1998). Library media specialists and administrators are referred to this document for additional information and lists of resources.



Library Media Advisory Committee

The mission of the Library Media Advisory Committee is to advise staff about ways that the library media program can improve academic achievement and provide a safe and nurturing environment for students.

The purpose of this committee is to offer staff advice from multiple perspectives on library media decisions and future directions aligned with the Bridge to Excellence Master Plan. Committee members will review curriculum and new teaching materials, participate in long range planning and goal setting for the school library media program, assist with the development of yearly objectives for the school library media program, provide support for the school library media budget, and assist with new policies and policy revisions pertaining to the school library media program.

The Library Media Advisory Committee meets four times during the school year. Anyone interested in service on this committee should contact Carol Fritts, Coordinator of Media and Educational Technology.


Julie Alonso-Hughes, Coordinator Office of Instructional Technology and Library Media