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School Bus Safety Reminder

Keep the roads safe for our children! A message from the Howard County Police Department on safe driving around school buses.

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[ An aerial view of a school bus coming to a stop to drop off kids at their stop. The car in the opposing lane in front of the bus comes to a complete stop. The car behind the bus also comes to a complete stop. Both cars allow a generous distance for the students to cross safely. ]

(Narrator) Thousands of times every school day in Howard County, a bus stops to let children on and off.

[ The “STOP” sign attached to the bus extends outward and its lights begin to blink. ]

When the stop sign is extended, drivers in both directions must stop.

[ School children begin to disembark the bus. ]

Children expect that you obey the law.

[ The children safely walk in front of the bus to cross the street. The cars surrounding the bus remain stopped until the children have completely crossed the street. ]

The penalty for failing to stop for a school bus can be hundreds of dollars and points on your license. Saving a few seconds is not worth it.

[ A police car is now visible confirming the children have safely crossed the road and that the surrounding cars have followed the law. ]

Police will be out enforcing the law. Do your part. Keep the roads safe for our children.

[ The children safely cross the street and walk into their neighborhood. ]

[ Howard County Police Emblem ]

A message from the Howard County Police Department.