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Two on Me and You

A ReadyRosie video

Build language and self-awareness by naming parts of the body as you care for your baby. Produced by ReadyRosie.

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[ ♪ (Upbeat brass band music) ♪ ]

[ A mother holding and speaking to her infant son in their home. He is sitting upright on her lap while she is sitting in a position that always the boy to look easily back to her. ]

( Mother ) Hi, Eli! Look at your two eyes. (gasps) Mommy has two eyes, and you have two ears.

[ The baby boy continues to look at his mother while she points to parts on both his and her body. ]

( Mother ) You see my ears? Right here? Two hands on my big boy, and Mommy’s got two hands. Look at these two feet!

[ She tickles his feet. ]

( Mother ) You can’t see my feet, but I have two feet. You and I are very similar. We both have two!

[ ♪ (Upbeat brass band music) ♪ ]