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Tummy Talk

A ReadyRosie video

Join your infant in "tummy time" to strengthen the muscles in his neck, arms, and trunk. Produced by ReadyRosie.

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[ ♪ (Upbeat brass band music) ♪ ]

[ A mother and son, Eli, both lay on a blanket with their bellies aimed at the floor. The mother arches her head and neck back. ]

( Mother ) You pick your hand up! Good job!

[ Eli makes baby noises and arches his head and neck back as well. The mother moves her head down so Eli can she is speaking to him. ]

( Mother ) Yeah. Oh you’re up! Good job, baby! Look at those arms. You’re using your muscles. Good job! Can you kick your feet?

[ The mother adjusts her position to get Eli’s attention again while he continues to arch his neck back and raise his head again.]

( Mother ) Eli? Oh my goodness, look at that neck! You’re stretching! - Oh, what a good stretch.

[ Eli chuckles.]

( Mother ) I think so.

[ Eli chuckles.]

( Mother ) Oh, oh, oh. Use your arms, use your arms!

[ ♪ (Upbeat brass band music) ♪ ]