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Tell Me About It!

A ReadyRosie video

Ask toddlers "wh" (who, what, where, when, why) questions to engage them in simple conversations. Produced by ReadyRosie.

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[ ♪ (Upbeat brass band music) ♪ ]

[ A mother and her two children, Royce and Jack, in the kitchen. Royce is seated at the kitchen table. Jack is in a highchair. The mother is bending down and speaking to them at eye level. She has a spoon in her hand. ]

( Mother ) Royce, when you finish your snack, we’re going to play a little game. - I’m going to interview like on TV, okay? - Alright. - Alright.

[ She brings the spoon to Royce’s mouth as if it was a microphone. ]

( Mother ) What’s your name? -

( Royce ) Royce.

( Mother ) Hi Royce. How old are you?

( Royce ) Three.

( Mother ) Three! Are you a big boy?

( Royce ) Yes.

[ The spoon microphone goes back and forth between Royce and his mom as if she was interviewing him. ]

( Mother ) Yes. Well, as a big three year old, what toys do you like to play with?

( Royce ) The Legos.

( Mother ) The Legos. You like to play with Legos?

( Royce ) Yeah.

( Mother ) Who do you play Legos with?

( Royce ) Jack.

( Mother ) Let me see. Who do you play with?

( Royce ) Jack.

( Mother ) What is your favorite color?

( Royce ) Blue. Blue. And white and yellow and blue and green.

( Mother ) That’s a lot of colors. Who’s your favorite person?

[ Royce points back to his mom. ]

( Mother ) Yes! Good answer. Okay…

[ ♪ (Upbeat brass band music) ♪ ]