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Strong Legs

A ReadyRosie video

Gross motor skills develop as your baby moves their body, arms, and legs with increased coordination. Produced by ReadyRosie.

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[ ♪ (Upbeat brass band music) ♪ ]

[ A father with his infant girl on the floor. ]

( Father ) All done. Good girl. Look how strong you’re getting. Yeah!

[ He laughs and flexes, stretches, and pumps her legs. ]

( Father ) You stretch your legs. Yeah. You ride a bicycle. Yeah!

[ The father gently claps the infant’s feet together. He then continues to flex, stretch, and pump her legs. The baby smiles.]

( Father ) We clap. Say, “Yaaay!” You’re getting so big, so strong. Good girl. Hi, Honey! Yaaay! All done!

[ ♪ (Upbeat brass band music) ♪ ]