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Bear Bath

A ReadyRosie video

Participating in pretend play with your child encourages their imagination and promotes communication. Produced by ReadyRosie.

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[ ♪ (Upbeat brass band music) ♪ ]

[ A mother and daughter playing with and grooming her stuffed bear. ]

( Mother ) Hey! Your bear is pretty stinky today, you want to help me give him a bath? - Do you want to help me give him a bath?

( Daughter ) Yeah.

( Mother ) Okay. What do you want to do first? What do we need to do first?

[ Note to viewer: New motor skills are developed with experience and practice. ]

( Mother ) We’ve got lotion, soap, a wash rack, and a comb. Yeah, let’s do the soap first.

[ A mother and daughter pretend to put soap on the stuffed bear. ]

( Mother ) Let’s pretend to put a little soap on him. Look at those big feet, let’s wash them. Here we go.

[ The daughter pretends to clean the stuffed bear. ]

( Mother ) All right, now take the rag. All right. You wash him. Good job! Let’s turn it that way. Okay, what about this one? You need to put some more soap. All right.

[ The mother wipes the stuffed bear’s face with a washcloth. ]

( Mother ) Oh, we need to wash his face. There he is. He’s looking better. Now what do we need to do? You want to dry him off? Wash his belly. Okay, he’s all done.

[ ♪ (Upbeat brass band music) ♪ ]