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Superintendent Boundary Review Message

The Howard County Public School System will soon begin a countywide boundary review process that could ultimately impact any of the 74 comprehensive schools in our system. A comprehensive review is critical due to rapid population growth that has resulted in crowding at many schools, especially affecting those in eastern Howard County, while schools in other schools are underutilized.

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[ Dr. Michael J. Martirano speaking directly to the camera. ]

(Dr. Michael J. Martirano, Superintendent of Schools)


On January 24, 2019, the Board of Education directed me to develop a comprehensive review of school attendance areas and recommend possible adjustments.

This process is necessary because population growth has resulted in crowding at many schools while some schools in other areas have excess capacity.

This process will occur throughout the summer and fall and any changes decided by the Board will be implemented for the 2020-2021 school year. This review is going to be structured differently than in the past to create processes that ensure input and feedback are focused on ideas being considered and can be used by staff to improve solutions.

I want to emphasize that, as Superintendent, I value the needs and perspectives of all of our students, families and staff. I will assign no extra or special consideration for the priorities of any individual or special interest group over others. Every stakeholder will have multiple opportunities to receive accurate information and provide input and feedback, and all voices will be heard and respected.

I am confident that, regardless of the outcome, every Howard County child will continue to have access to an excellent education. We are a school system, not a “system of schools”. Our curriculum and materials are consistent, and students have access to comparable opportunities at every school in our system.

A successful outcome for this process depends directly on the level of respect, empathy and careful listening that we as adults model for our children. We must remember that they are always watching us, and they will follow our lead in responding positively to the challenges and changes that are inevitable throughout life.

Please visit our website for the process timeline, details on ways to participate, answers to many of your questions, and to understand the differences in the way we will conduct the process this year to ensure it remains equitable, civil and transparent.

Thank you for your partnership and support in providing an equitable and engaging learning environment for all of our students at every school.

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