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Kindergarten Readiness Assessment

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The KRA assesses a student’s preparedness in social foundations, language and literacy, mathematics, physical well‑being and motor development when entering kindergarten. The data table below represents the percentage of students demonstrating overall readiness for kindergarten.

Table 1: Percent of Students Demonstrating Readiness for Kindergarten
Student Group 2017* 2018*
All Students 54% 56%
Asian 57% 61%
Black or African American 42% 45%
Hispanic/Latino of any race 31% 32%
Two or more races 65% 55%
White 65% 67%
From Low-Income Households 29% 30%
English Learner 23% 12%
Children w/ Disabilities 28% 15%

** Data is made up of a sampling of students entering kindergarten.*

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