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Distributing Community Information through the School System

As a service to the community, our students and parents, the HCPSS allows non-profit organizations and groups to disseminate notices and information through students and the school system.

Approval Process

All requests from community organizations, groups or agencies to disseminate information in the form of electronic announcements or print flyers are processed through the HCPSS Public Information Office. Announcements may not be disseminated via students or schools without prior approval from the Public Information Office.

The HCPSS retains the right to deny the dissemination of materials and announcements if the content could reasonably be predicted to cause substantial disruption. Students will not be pressured or coerced to take or respond to any type of notice.

Approved Organizations

The Board of Education of Howard County has approved the following organizations and groups to disseminate announcements or materials in Howard County public schools:

  • Tax-supported agencies of the federal, state and local government.
  • Non-profit organizations as documented by a letter from the U.S. Internal Revenue Service. (Note: If an organization’s IRS letter is not on file with the Public Information Office, it may be submitted along with the announcement information.)
  • Groups distributing materials as part of approved fund raising activities in the HCPSS.
  • Local, state and national Parent Teacher Associations (PTA) or Parent Teacher Organizations (PTO), and recognized booster clubs affiliated with any school in the HCPSS.

Procedures for Submitting Information

PTAs, PTOs and Booster Clubs

Local, state and national PTAs or PTOs, and recognized booster clubs affiliated with any school in the HCPSS must submit announcements, flyers or other materials to the local school administration for approval.

Other Approved Organizations

Other Approved organizations must submit a copy of announcements, flyers or other materials to the HCPSS Public Information Office for approval. These groups are strongly encouraged to support the school system’s efforts to be “green” by submitting electronic announcements for the HCPSS Community News and Programs site, instead of distributing paper copies. The electronic method saves time and human resources for individual schools; saves gasoline, paper and copying costs for sponsoring organizations; and offers broader visibility to school system parents and stakeholders.

Parental Option

Parents or guardians are given the option to not receive flyers or other printed materials from community organizations, groups and agencies. Parents who do NOT want to receive community notices through backpack mail or Friday folders should send a note with their request to their child’s school. Children at separate schools need to bring in separate notes.

Parents or guardians who exercise this option will still receive communications from the school system, local school, school PTA/PTSA and Booster Clubs, and important information from local, state and federal government agencies. They will NOT receive information from any other community organization, group or agency.

Contact us with any additional questions

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