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Preparing Leaders with the Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps (JROTC)

The Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps (JROTC) provides a citizenship, character, and leadership development program for high school students. It is a cooperative effort between Howard County Public School System, the U.S. Army (at Atholton High School and Howard High School), and the U.S. Air Force (at Oakland Mills High School).

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Developing Leaders

JROTC instruction prepares students in grades 9-12 for leadership roles while making them aware of their rights, responsibilities, and privileges as American citizens through rigorous instruction and hands-on activities.

Service Learning projects are an integral part of JROTC instruction and are included throughout the school year. Students learn about the value of serving others as they design and carry out their projects.

JROTC prepares students for life and they are not under any obligation to join the military. However, if they choose to further their interest in the military, satisfactory completion of the JROTC program can lead to advanced placement credit in the Senior ROTC program (college level) or advanced rank in any of the Armed Forces.

JROTC Features

Students Share Their JROTC Experiences (May 2019)

Staff Focus: Chief Master Sergeant Donald Felch, JROTC Aerospace Science Instructor at Oakland Mills High School (November 2019)

Guest Voice: Young People Serving Others During the Pandemic (April 2021)

JROTC cadets at Howard High School

Army Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps

“To Motivate Young People to Be Better Citizens.”

Air Force Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps

“Develop citizens of character dedicated to serving their nation and community.”

Program Objectives

JROTC instruction supports the school system’s focus on increasing the number of students who graduate ready for college and careers.

Leadership & Integrity

  • Develop citizenship, character, and leadership.
  • Serve their school and community and promote community service.
  • Graduate and pursue meaningful careers

Essential Life Skills

  • Foster goal-setting abilities and a positive self-image.
  • Improve physical fitness.

Effective Career Skills

  • Work as team members and learn to treat others with respect.
  • Communicate effectively.

Participating Schools

JROTC is available at the following three schools. Students at other schools may apply. Space is limited.

Atholton High


Web Site

6520 Freetown Road, Columbia, MD 21044

Principal – Robert Motley

JROTC Instructor – LTC (USA, Retired) William Reinhart, Senior Army Instructor,


Howard High


Web Site

8700 Old Annapolis Road, Ellicott City, MD 21043

Principal – Nick Novak

JROTC Instructor – LTC (USA, Retired) Patricia Marshall, Senior Army Instructor,


Oakland Mills High


Web Site

9410 Kilimanjaro Road, Columbia, MD 21045

Principal – Jeffrey Fink

JROTC Instructor – Timothy D. Stevens, Col, USAF (Ret) , Senior Aerospace Science Instructor,

Air Force

How to Participate in JROTC

Please note that some schools may require a written application essay or other pre-interview materials.

Schedule an Interview

Students must contact a JROTC official at school of interest to schedule an interview and submit an application if required.

Complete the Interview

Students will be interviewed by the JROTC instructor at their school of interest.


Distribution of the approval/denial/waitlist letters will follow interviews.

If accepted into a program, students must contact the registrar office.