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Inside HCPSS

Welcome to the Inside HCPSS podcast, a podcast produced by the Howard County Public School System.

Stay tuned to future episodes where we’ll continue to discuss topics related to the school system and our terrific students and staff.

We hope you enjoy the conversations.

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Episode 7 – Dr. Martirano’s Final Episode

Episode 7 is a special one as we bring you a brief message in-between Season One and Season Two of Inside HCPSS. On November 17, Dr. Martirano announced his decision to retire as HCPSS Superintendent. Before his final day, he wanted to share a heartfelt message to the HCPSS community.

Episode 6 – A Quality Educator in Front of Our Students Every Day

Our sixth and final episode of Season 1 is about our staffing efforts and a few of the key initiatives directly supporting our educators.

Episode 5 – Learning to Read; Reading to Learn

Our fifth episode explores our elementary reading program which provides multi-faceted reading instruction and supports with the primary goal of preparing our young students to be strong, capable readers throughout their educational journey.

Episode 4 – Special Education: No Two Students Learn the Same Way on the Same Day

Our fourth episode explores our Special Education program, a program providing a continuum of services for children from birth to age 21 with a wide range of individual needs.

Episode 3 – Dual Enrollment

Our third episode delves into our Dual Enrollment program, a partnership between HCPSS and Howard Community College to expand options for students to gain college credits, explore possible careers, and earn an associate degree while in high school.

Episode 2 – Opening a New School

In our second episode, Dr. Martirano converses with the principal and assistant principal of the upcoming HCPSS High School #13 (now Guilford Park High School) as they discuss the preparations and unique opportunities of opening a new school.

Episode 1 – Introducing Dr. Martirano

Welcome to the introductory episode of Inside HCPSS. With our first episode, through conversations with a few of our students, you can get to know Dr. Martirano and our school system on a deeper level.

We’re so thankful that you joined us for our inaugural season of Inside HCPSS. While the school year is over for our students, much of our staff will be jumping into action over the summer to prepare for the upcoming school year. So as we bring the first season to a close with this episode, we’ll be taking a brief podcasting break and will bring you Season 2 after the new school year begins this Fall.