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Home and Hospital

The Home and Hospital Teaching Program is designed to provide instructional continuity to students who are unable to attend their regular school of enrollment due to:

  • Physical illness or disability
  • Emotional crisis (including substance abuse)
  • Pregnancy
  • Concurrent Enrollment or Chronic Illness (CHIP)

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Obtain an Application

Contact your child’s school to start the application process

Consult with Health Professionals

Health professionals can help you complete parts of the form

Return Application

Staff will review and create a referral if the student is accepted.

Plan times for your child’s teacher

Home and Hospital personnel will outline a course of study and assign a teacher

How to Apply

Applications are available from the student’s home school principal or designee.

Parents should consult with their physician/nurse practitioner, psychiatrist, certified school psychologist, or licensed psychologist to complete designated portions of the application.

Parents should return the application to their student’s principal or designee. Staff will review the application and create a referral if the student is accepted.

Students with IEPs

For student’s with an IEP an Interim Alternative Setting (IAS) IEP will be developed through the IEP process at their school.

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After Applying

Personnel from Home and Hospital Teaching will assign a home teacher or several teachers appropriate to the needs of the student. Selected courses may be available for online instruction.

The parent will be contacted to outline the program of study. The designated Home and Hospital teacher(s) will then contact the parent directly to arrange a schedule that is mutually agreeable to parent and the teacher(s).

Each application for Home and Hospital Teaching is approved for 60 days. Every 30 days, there is a review process to see if the student is ready to transition back into their home school. Parents can re-apply for an additional 60 days if needed.

View responsibilities for families with students enrolled in Home and Hospital Teaching.


Students who are referred and granted Home and Hospital Teaching services receive at least six hours per week of instruction, unless otherwise indicated.

Grades will be awarded by the home teacher for work completed under his or her direction. These grades are to be averaged proportionately with grades earned while in school.

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Home and Hospital Teachers

Our program is provided by part-time non-contractual teachers who instruct students on an individual basis in a home school, home, hospital, or community space setting. Teachers do their best to meet the needs of the family and student.

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Legal Mandates

COMAR 13A.03.05 state bylaw sets forth the purpose and basic procedures for providing instructional services for homebound students. The Home and Hospital Teaching Office adheres to these established guidelines.

View the full bylaw →


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