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Aggregate Student Health Data Collection

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As part of a Data Sharing Agreement with the Howard County Health Department (HCHD), HCPSS will collect bi-annually the program evaluation data listed below, and share the data in the aggregate with HCHD for program evaluation purposes.

All data will be reported in the aggregate by school and grade. Any data where the population size is fewer than 10 individuals will be suppressed. Student identities will be protected, and no individual names nor any other personally identifiable information will be provided to HCHD.

Behavioral Health

Number of students having:

  • Alcohol/drug violations
  • Alcohol/drug violations referred to treatment
  • Tobacco violations

Access to Care

  • Number of health room visits by tracked categories
  • Number of students:
    • Needing EpiPen orders
    • Receiving glasses and/or hearing aids
    • Having documented follow-up care for hearing and/or vision services
    • Needing asthma medicine orders
    • Excluded from school due to immunization gaps
    • Whose parents reported a physician
    • Whose parents reported having/not having insurance
    • Having reported chronic illness/conditions


  • Absenteeism counts broken down by reason
  • Chronic Absenteeism

Mental Health

  • Crisis, Threats, and Suicide reporting counts broken down by category

System-wide Student Health Evaluation Reports

  • Aggregated data reports conducted by or on the behalf of the HCPSS regarding student health needs