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Temporary Positions

Seeking Substitute and Temporary Employees

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Before beginning your application you must have the following information and documentation:

  1. Copy of official college transcript(s).
  2. List of your last 10 years of work experience including name and address of company, supervisors, telephone numbers and email addresses. You must also list any periods of unemployment in the last 10 years.
  3. Name and valid email addresses for your current or most recent supervisor and at least two other current or past supervisors. References from co-workers and family members will not be accepted. Three professional references are required of all external candidates. One professional reference is required of all internal candidates. At least one reference must come from your most recent supervisor. References are obtained electronically and sent to the email address you provide on your application.
  4. When you have gathered all of this information please fill out an application.

Employment Background Checks are required for all employees.

Substitute Pay Increase

The Howard County Public School System on Jan. 13, 2022, implemented a 25 percent increase to the daily rate for substitute teachers. Rates below are inclusive of the increase. Full details online.

Temporary Position Pay Rates

Guest (Substitute) Teachers

Daily Rate

  • Non-degree (minimum 60 credits) – $125
  • Degree (BA or higher) – $138
  • Retired Teacher (verification required) – $157
  • Teacher with a valid, current MSDE certificate (verification required) – $157

Long-Term Rate

  • Non-degree – $157
  • Degree – $169
  • Retired Teacher (verification required) – $169

Other Temporary Positions

  • Substitute Paraeducator – $112.87 per day
  • Substitute Clerical – $16.31/hr
  • Substitute Clerical – School Based (retired from HCPSS) – $20.00/hr
  • Temporary Clerical (with High School diploma) – $16.31/hr
  • Temporary Clerical (without High School diploma) – $15.00/hr
  • Lunch/Recess Monitor – $15.00/hr
  • Substitute Custodial – $15.00/hr
  • Substitute Nurse – $31.14 hr/$217.98 per day
  • Substitute Health Assistant – $17.46/hr
  • Home and Hospital Teacher (non-certificated) – $35/hr
  • Home and Hospital Teacher (certificated) – $45/hr
  • Home and Hospital Teacher (retired from any MD LEA) – $45/hr

Email Access for Substitute Teachers and all Temporary Employees

All substitute and temporary employees will have a HCPSS email account.

To access your email account, please go to: and click on “Email” at the top of the page. Upon initial access to your e-mail account, please remember the following: Your User Name is the first letter of your first name along with your full last name. Your Password is your employee number followed by the last 4 digits of your social security number. You will be prompted to create a new password the first time you login.

If you need assistance with email access, please contact the Technology Help Desk at: 410-313-7004.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the qualifications to be a temporary employee?

Candidates are selected for hire based on the following criteria:

  • Education, experience, subject area of expertise
  • Communication skills
  • Minimum of three professional references, including one from the current or most recent supervisor (may vary based on temporary position- please ensure to review job description). References from friends, co-workers, or other personal references are not acceptable.
  • Minimum of 60 college credits (may vary based on temporary position- please ensure to review job description)
  • Background Check (conducted after offer is made and performed by company designated by HCPSS)
  • Availability

In regards to guest (substitute) teachers, priority processing will be extended to those applicants who are K-12 certified teachers or hold a bachelor’s degree in education. Other applicants will be considered on an as-needed basis. Please include your certification information in your application.

Can I upload a copy of an unofficial transcript?

No, you must upload a copy of an Official Transcript

Can I send a paper copy or email attachments of my transcript or other attachments?

No, our application process is paperless. All application attachments and education credentials must be uploaded so they will be available for all reviewers of your application.

What if I am having trouble uploading attachments or I don’t have a scanner?

Scanners are available at most public libraries or office supply stores. If additional assistance is needed, please contact The Office of Temporary Services at

How do I know if my application is complete?

Your application is complete when:

  • You have submitted a complete online application where you have selected “Your desired Temporary Position(s)” under “Positions Desired” on page 5 of the application.
  • You have provided 10 years of work experience without any gaps, including dates of unemployment.
  • You have uploaded a copy of an Official College Transcript showing a minimum of 60 college credits or applicable education credential.
  • All acceptable supervisory references have been received(amount based on job description). You can log into your AppliTrack application to see if your references have been returned. You can also “Resend” the reference link, or modify your references if necessary.
  • Completed HB 486 employer forms (if applicable)
  • Your application will not be reviewed until all of the above criteria has been met.

Submitting an online application does not mean it is complete.

My application is submitted and is now complete. When will I hear from HCPSS?

We make every effort to frequently check applications for completeness and qualifications.If your application is selected, you will receive an email or phone call to schedule an orientation and on-boarding date.

What if my application is not selected as a temporary employee?

If your application is not selected, it will remain active on file for a year, and you may be contacted later in the school year based on the needs of the school system.

How many guest teachers (substitutes) are selected?

We hire approximately 50 to 60 subs per month between August and March.

What happens if I am selected as a temporary employee?

You will receive an email or phone call if your application is selected.The Office of Temporary Services will schedule an on-boarding session, send on-boarding documents, Fingerprinting Authorization form, and instructions on completing the background check process, which will include background check forms. In order to be fingerprinted, Human Resources will receive a Fingerprinting Authorization form, so the fingerprinting process can be completed.

Do I have to be fingerprinted even if I have been fingerprinted for another agency?

Yes, all new employees must be fingerprinted. A Fingerprinting Authorization Form will be provided by Human Resources to complete the fingerprinting process.The fee for fingerprinting is $51.25. Payment for the fingerprinting will be rendered at the Fingerprinting Office.

When will I be able to begin working?

All temporary employees can begin working upon completing an on-boarding session with a Human Resources, and receiving clearance. Newly hired substitute teachers will be able to search for and accept new jobs approximately 2-3 days after being hired; within the Frontline Absence Management system. Jobs can be accepted through the Frontline system online or via phone.

How often will I have to work to remain active?

Temporary employees are expected to work regularly depending on their program stipulations. Guest (substitute) teachers are expected to accept jobs regularly in order to continue as a guest (substitute) teacher. Temporary employees will receive reasonable assurance letters annually to express continued interest as a temporary employee.

Am I eligible for benefits as a temporary employee?

No, temporary employees are not eligible for benefits. Temporary employees do receive Sick and Safe Leave per the MD state law.