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HCPSS Connect – Frequently Asked Questions


  1. General FAQs
  2. Grades (all levels)
  3. Assignments & Grades (Grade levels 6-12)
  4. Emergency Procedure Card in Family File
  5. Calendars
  6. Canvas Courses
  7. Notifications
  8. Parent Teacher Conferences
  9. Technical and Support

General FAQs

What is HCPSS Connect?

HCPSS Connect provides access to a variety of student information and classroom instructional tools offering personalized communication and timely, relevant and easily accessible information relating to your student. To login to HCPSS Connect, visit

How do I log in to HCPSS Connect?

You can log in through Click on the (blue) “HCPSS Connect Login” button in the middle of the screen in order to be redirected to the login page. Your Username is your email address (the email address provided to your child’s school at the time of registration). To activate an account or if you forgot your password, use the link provided on the login page. For additional assistance, please contact your child’s school.

What is Synergy?

Synergy is the Student Management System (SIS) used by HCPSS. Synergy is the primary system for recording interim, quarterly and/or final grades. Grades will appear in Synergy as they appear on the interim and quarterly report cards at the end of each marking period.

What is Canvas?

Canvas is the Learning Management System (LMS) used by HCPSS. It is a one-stop shop for your students’ information, grades and coursework.

Is there a Mobile App available?

Yes. Download and install the Canvas Mobile App for Parents iOS or Android. Students can download the “Canvas Student” app from their app store.

Grades (all levels)

How do I access my child’s report cards during virtual instruction?

Parents/guardians may view/download report cards by taking the following steps:

  1. Log in to HCPSS Connect Synergy
  2. Select More Options from the left panel
  3. Select Report Cards from the middle
  4. Select the report card you wish to access

Assignments & Grades (Grade levels 6-12)

How do teachers distribute and collect assignments?

Secondary teachers have the option to either assign assignments digitally through Canvas or use traditional assignment methods and simply track progress in Canvas.

Where do I find my child’s grades?

For students in middle and high school, scores on individual assignments and ongoing quarterly averages can be accessed from Canvas. Quarterly report cards can be accessed from Synergy.

Where can I see my child’s individual assignment and assignment scores?

Individual assignments and assignment scores are viewable in Canvas. Assignments and assignment scores are for middle and high schools only. Elementary school levels do not use this functionality at this time.

How do I know if the teacher has given an assignment to my child?

Parents can set Canvas notifications on course activities like creation of an assignment, submission, due date change, etc. Refer to this guide for more information.

What is Synergy’s part in the gradebook?

Synergy is the primary system for recording interim, quarterly and/or final grades. Grades will appear in Synergy as they appear on the interim and quarterly report cards at the end of each marking period.

Emergency Procedure Card in Family File

Where do parents complete their child’s Emergency Procedure Card?

In HCPSS Connect, Family File is where parents will be able to provide all of their contact information, medical considerations, and preferences in approximately 10–15 minutes.

Will last year’s information automatically transfer to this year’s Family File?

Emergency contact information will be there from last year. However, please review all information and update as necessary.

Where should I go for help completing my Family File if I encounter any challenges?

You should contact your child’s school for help if you encounter problems while completing the Family File. For login issues, please visit HCPSS Connect Help.


Can I sync the teacher course calendars with my own personal calendar?

Yes. Calendars found in the Canvas can be exported into popular personal calendars such as iOS, Google, Outlook, etc.

As an alternative, you can also download and install the Canvas Mobile App for Parents for iOS or Android.

Canvas Courses

What are Courses or Course Pages?

After logging into HCPSS Connect, there are “courses” set up for each class your child is registered to take in Canvas. Every course will contain all of the information teachers would typically post on their websites such as class and teacher information, and content resources.

What types of materials do teachers post in their courses?

Teachers will have the ability to include informational content, class assignments, videos, quizzes, projects and discussions. All teachers will be able to utilize Canvas features of announcements, course calendars, teacher home pages, and integrated instructional tools including audio, video, text and other digital tools. Middle and high school teachers can utilize additional features, such as assignments, scores and day-to-day grades as well as grade notifications.

Where can I find training resources for Canvas as parent?

For Canvas specific training, please visit the Canvas Orientation Course.


What are notifications?

Notifications are messages that you can receive about a course. Canvas offers a variety of notification options. Parents can customize the volume, the medium (email and text) and the frequency of communications regarding their student’s courses. Real time grades are visible at all times. Please refer to this guide for additional information.

How do I set up notifications in Canvas?

Parents automatically receive Announcements and Inbox notifications from Canvas. Notification settings apply to all courses in which parent’s children are enrolled. They are not specific to a course or student. View the Canvas notification preferences guide for more information.

Is there a notification option in Canvas that lets me know when my child’s grade falls below a certain value in a course?

Yes. Parents can select to receive an email notification when their child’s grade falls below a certain threshold in any class. Please refer to this guide for more information on setting this notification option.

Parents can also set up alerts on their mobile phone using the Canvas Parent app. Once downloaded, login with your HCPSS Connect email address and password. There is information about this in the Canvas Orientation course in Canvas.

Parent Teacher Conferences

How do I schedule Parent Teacher Conferences?

You will schedule your Parent Teacher Conferences in HCPSS Connect. Click on the Conference tab in the left navigation panel and click Parent Conferences. Select the conference time you want for each class listed. Check with your school for the date when you can start scheduling conferences. For resources on scheduling conferences, please visit HCPSS Connect Guides.

Technical and Support

Whom do I contact if I experience login issues?

To report a Login issue, visit HCPSS Connect Help.

Whom do I contact if I cannot log in to HCPSS Connect or if I need technical support?

There are links to many resources at HCPSS Connect and additional resources available within the Canvas LMS and the Synergy SIS. For additional support, please contact your child’s school.

To report a Login issue, visit HCPSS Connect Help. For resources on using HCPSS Connect, visit HCPSS Connect Guides.

Are there any training and informational materials are available to me?

Yes. For resources on how to use HCPSS Connect, please visit HCPSS Connect Guides.