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Systems And Project Engineering

Did you ever wonder who designed the Segway? Are you curious who created the robotic arms used in the space station?

Students in this academy focus on technical concepts including mechanical drawings, fabrication, electronics, mechanics, data acquisition and analysis.They follow the engineering design process and work in teams to design, build, and test a single passenger electronically-powered vehicle. Students use computer-based design and modeling software, as well as basic welding and machining, to construct the vehicle. Students will be prepared for continued study in a variety of engineering careers.


  • Micro Economics/Macro Economics - AP
  • Statistics - AP
  • Advanced Accounting and Finance - Honors


  • None

College Credit

Students who successfully complete the Marketing Academy program sequence, with a grade of B or higher in academy courses, may be eligible for credits at Howard Community College.

Successful Academy Students:

  • Maintain a C average in all academy coursework.
  • Complete senior level coursework through a work-site experience (students must provide their own transportation) OR by participating in the on-campus (ARL) course of advanced skills, which includes a capstone project.

Senior Level Coursework Requirements:

  • Complete at least 6-8 hours of work-site experience per week OR daily attendance at the Applications and Research Lab.
  • Attend weekly senior seminars at the Applications and Research Lab.
  • Choose a “real world” problem to research.
  • Write and submit a research proposal, abstract, and reflection paper based on research.
  • Maintain and submit a journal and portfolio of senior work.
  • Present a culminating multimedia presentation for the final grade.

Suggested Course Schedule

Below is a suggested high school course schedule for students interested in the Systems Project Engineering Academy
Grade Level Course 1 Course 2 Course 3 Course 4 Course 5 Course 6 Course 7
Ninth Grade English required Mathematics required Science required Social Studies required Fitness & Health required Technology Education required Elective available
Tenth Grade English required Mathematics required Science required Social Studies required Fine Arts Requirement Elective available Elective available
Eleventh Grade English required Mathematics required Chemistry required Social Studies required Elective available Systems Management Solutions G/T
Twelfth Grade English required Mathematics required Elective available Elective available Systems Engineering Innovation G/T