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Theatre Arts

The 9th-12th Theatre Arts Program Theatre Arts provides the opportunity for students to establish life-long relationships with theatrical expression. Theatre instruction combines the study of theatre history and dramatic literature with the development of interpretive and emotional skills. The curriculum encompasses appreciation and demonstration of technical theatre craft and critical acumen. Theatre is a collaborative activity involving the participation of artists, technicians, and the presence of an audience.

Theatre Arts Objectives and Artistic Processes

Theatre Arts Disciplines


The process of conceiving original work, developing and interpreting established material from a canon of theatrical literature, and rehearsing to achieve an artistic vision.


The relating of artistic ideas and choices through interpretation and presentation.


Interpret, reflect upon, and evaluate theatre artists’ work according to select criteria.


  • Pantomime
  • Physical Technique
  • Vocal Technique
  • Improvisation
  • Solo Performance
  • Ensemble Performance


  • Script Analysis
  • Performance Space
  • Staging Technique
  • Dramaturgy


  • Scriptwriting
  • Reflection/Artistic Vision
  • Critical Writing


  • Costume, Set, Prop, Marketing, Lighting, Sound
  • Production Team Roles


All course descriptions can be found in the High School Course Catalog