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Hammond Student Invites Dr. Martirano to be Student for a Day

Hammond High School student Mandi Bhatt explains the decision to invite Interim Superintendent, Michael J. Martirano, to attend Hammond as a student for the day. Mandi also shares her favorite moment of the day.


[Hammond High School student, Mandi Bhatt.]

I was excited that the superintendent said that he’d come to my school for not only just half a day but the whole day and see the entire day through the student eyes. I was so excited and so honored that he was willing to put this time aside. You know he’s a busy guy but yet he made the effort to come to Hammond for the entire school day and that means so much to me and so much to our whole school as we have a lot to show and a lot to offer. We’re really glad that we had that opportunity to show him.

[Interim Superintendent, Dr. Martirano, in Mandi’s dance class.]

My highlight of the day was definitely dance. Seeing someone - dance is a lot of work and I think people, not forget about the arts but underestimate the arts and I think it’s very clear that that’s where we really use to outlet our stress about the day and that’s really what I rely on personally a lot. I really enjoy dancing that way and lucky you got to see that too.