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Interim Superintendent Student for a Day

HCPSS Interim Superintendent, Michael J. Martirano, explains why it was important to experience a day at school through the eyes of a student.


[HCPSS Interim Superintendent, Dr. Michael Martirano]

(Dr. Martirano) I want to see the school system through the eyes of a student. I never want to lose sight of what it means to be a student - the pressures that they’re under academically, the issues that they’re dealing with developmentally.

[Dr. Martirano interacting with students in the classroom, dancing on stage during dance class, and eating lunch with the students.]

So I had so many wonderful moments that are almost hard to put into words because I’m absorbing it. And then to be involved in the dance program, to interact in the cafeteria, to eat the lunches with our students, it just gave me that whole picture that I think we, as leaders, in education need to always experience.

I encourage Board members to do this. I encourage other members to do it because when we’re sitting at the policy table, you lose sight of what’s occurring.

[Dr. Martirano and Hammond High School student, Mandi Bhatt, smiling after a great day together.]

I never want to lose sight of who our customers are and why we do what we do.