Saturday Math Academy

The Howard County Public School System’s BSAP Saturday Math Academy (BSAP-SMA) has been in existence since 1992. The “Academy” is a result of collaboration between HCPSS and parents and developed as a response to parental requests for opportunities to network with other parents while also learning instructional mathematical strategies to support their children at home. Today’s delivery model serves as an extension of its earlier model. BSAP-SMA is designed to accelerate academic achievement for all students. When registering students for the program, parents identify achievement goals.

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2016 Chess Tournament

On Saturday, April 23rd, 2016 The Council of Elders (TCOE) held it’s 16th Annual Chess Tournament with the Black Student Achievement Program (BSAP) Saturday Math Academy was held at at Oakland Mills High School with 114 students representing elementary, middle and high schools in Howard County. The Council of Elders have been teaching chess and critical thinking skills to children for over 16 years.


  • First: Phasawat Perry, Grade 3, Stevens Forest ES
  • Second: Marcos Sanchez Malagon, Grade 3, Deep Run ES
  • Third: Malina Simmons, Grade 3, Laurel Woods ES
  • Fourth: Miguel Rodriguez, Grade 3, Deep Run ES
  • First: Jocobi Jones, Grade 5, Pointers Run ES
  • Second: Jordan Martin, Grade 5, Cradlerock ES
  • Third: Hiyanshi Patel, Grade 5, Hollifield Station ES
  • Fourth: Omar Ali, Grade 5, Jeffers Hill ES
  • First: Eduardo Marin, Grade 7, Oakland Mills MS
  • Second: Kevin Sanchez-Velasquez, Grade 6, Mayfield Woods MS
  • Third: Daniel Dickson, Grade 8, Lake Elkhorn MS
  • Fourth: Denetta Quintin, Grade 7, Oakland Mills MS
  • First: Emmanuel Carmichael, Grade 11, Centennial HS
  • Second: Victor Estrada Puga, Grade 11, Hammond HS
  • Third: Alexander Estrada-Avila, Grade 10, Oakland Mills HS
  • Fourth: Audrey Collins, Grade 9, Atholton HS

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