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School Planning

Feasibility Study, June 2016

An Annual Review of Long-Term Capital Planning and Redistricting Options

Attendance Area Adjustment Process

When redistricting is planned, the attendance areas adjustment process for the HCPSS begins in the spring with the appointment of the Attendance Area Committee (AAC) by the Superintendent. The AAC reviews and comments on the attendance area plans. The AAC also reviews and comments on the current capital budget and Capital Improvement Plan in conjunction with anticipated redistricting. The AAC’s input is taken into consideration when developing the Superintendent’s Attendance Area Adjustment Recommendation.

Attendance Area Adjustment Resources

School and Bus Locator

  1. The Attendance Area Approval Process
  2. Redistricting FAQs
  3. Policy 6010 – School Attendance Areas

2016-2017 Attendance Area Maps


School Planning

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