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Vision 2018 – Goal 2: Staff

Every staff member is engaged, supported, and successful.

A world-class educational system fully leverages the talent, energy and creativity of highly engaged staff. Teacher engagement is a prerequisite to student engagement. How can we foster a culture that brings out the best in our employees?

  • Focus on what is strong, rather than on what is wrong.
  • Encourage innovation, appropriate risk-taking, and collaboration.
  • Invest in professional learning that helps all employees grow to their full potential.

Staff: Develop your abilities to better your workplace

Actively strive to be an engaged, supported, and successful part of the organization.

Outcomes and Strategies

Outcome 2.1

Staff members experience a culture of trust, transparency, and collaboration.

  • Strategy 2.1.1 – Build structures for cross-functional collaboration among offices and schools.
  • Strategy 2.1.2 – Consistently include representatives from stakeholder groups in planning processes to inform school system actions and decisions.
  • Strategy 2.1.3 – Build structures for vertical and horizontal collaboration among schools.
  • Strategy 2.1.4 – Develop and communicate explicit expectations for professionalism and civility.
  • Strategy 2.1.5 – Provide professional learning to foster effective communication, respect, and collaboration in a diverse environment.
  • Strategy 2.1.6 – Provide timely, relevant, and easily accessible information.

Outcome 2.2

Staff members have access to learning experiences that support their professional growth.

  • Strategy 2.2.1 – Provide professional learning for staff members to enhance interpersonal and leadership skills, deepen job-specific knowledge, and grow in their professional practice.
  • Strategy 2.2.2 – Provide expanded options for professional learning through flexible scheduling, online opportunities, and 24/7 access to online support resources.
  • Strategy 2.2.3 – Collaborate with universities and other external entities to provide professional learning opportunities with experts in their fields.
  • Strategy 2.2.4 – Continue to enhance professional growth through professional learning communities.

Outcome 2.3

Staff members are held accountable for and supported in meeting standards-based performance expectations.

  • Strategy 2.3.1 – Implement a robust evaluation system that aligns performance expectations to system goals for all employees.
  • Strategy 2.3.2 – Provide a professional learning program that supports all employees in meeting performance expectations.
  • Strategy 2.3.3 – Implement support systems for employees struggling in their professional practice.

Outcome 2.4

HCPSS supports staff members’ health and well-being.

  • Strategy 2.4.1 – Strengthen and broaden services to support staff wellness.
  • Strategy 2.4.2 – Leverage technology to support staff members’ work-life balance.