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Annual Report on the Strategic Plan and Highlights

Download Annual Report on the Strategic Plan
Published: May 2016. 108 pages. 9 MB

This report details the progress made during the 2014 Fiscal Year, which is the system’s first full year in implementing our strategic plan, Vision 2018: Fulfilling the Promise of Preparation (Vision 2018).

(PDF)Overview of the Annual Report on the Strategic Plan
(Pages 1 – 6 of the Annual Report on the Strategic Plan)

(PDF)Goal 1: Students
(Pages 7 – 49 of the Annual Report on the Strategic Plan)

(PDF)Goal 2: Staff
(Pages 50 – 65 of the Annual Report on the Strategic Plan)

(PDF)Goal 3: Families and the Community
(Pages 66 – 81 of the Annual Report on the Strategic Plan)

(PDF)Goal 4: Organization
(Pages 82 – 105 of Annual Report on the Strategic Plan)

Vision 2018 Highlights

Recent Highlights, Fall 2016

(PDF) Fall 2016 Highlights (2 Page PDF)

  • The Class of 2016 composite SAT score of 1647 exceeds the College Board benchmark
  • Northfield Elementary School, 2016 Let’s Move! Active Schools National Award
  • Stevens Forest Elementary School and its PTA were recognized as a National PTA School of Excellence
  • A new HCPSS cultural proficiency model, “Student Voice for Inclusion and Equity” is being implemented in schools throughout the system.

Recent Highlights, Summer 2016

(PDF) Summer 2016 Highlights (2 Page PDF)

  • 11 Howard County high schools among the best in Maryland and the nation
  • James Cole, Jr., acting Deputy Secretary for the U.S. Department of Education Visit
  • Shalonda Holt, 2016 Washington Post Teacher of the Year
  • Watershed Report Card Study from High School Students

Recent Highlights, Winter 2016

(PDF) Winter 2016 Highlights (2 Page PDF)

  •, top public school in Maryland
  • Newsweek, America’s top public high schools
  • Teachers for Tomorrow
  • Distinguished Budget Presentation Award

Recent Highlights, Fall 2015

(PDF) Fall 2015 Highlights (2 Page PDF)

  • Maryland Masters Award
  • U.S News & World Report Ranking
  • Howard County Teacher of the Year, Stephanie Geddie
  • U.S. Department of Education Green Ribbon Schools District Sustainability Award

Recent Highlights, Winter 2015

(PDF) Winter 2015 Highlights (2 Page PDF)

  • In-School Telehealth Program
  • HCC Early College Program
  • ConnectED Initiative
  • Maryland Teacher of the Year
  • Industry Awards for Budgeting

Recent Highlights, Fall 2014

(PDF) Fall 2014 Highlights (2 Page PDF)

  • Elementary Education Model
  • Maryland Teacher of the Year
  • Let’s Go HoCo! 5K Run and Walk
  • New Middle School
  • Visitor Management System

Recent Highlights, Spring 2014

(PDF) Spring 2014 Highlights (2 Page PDF)

  • OECD Test of Schools
  • Digital Camera Systems
  • AP District Honor Roll

Recent Highlights, Fall 2013

(PDF) Fall 2013 Highlights (2 Page PDF)

  • Zero-based Budgeting
  • BYOD Initiative
  • Social Media Presence