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Vision 2018 – Goal 4: Organization

Goal 4: Schools are supported by world-class organizational practices.

A world-class system is fueled by efficient organizational practices in a culture that supports innovation and progress. How can we most effectively channel our resources and talent to support our classrooms?

  • Incorporate the Plan-Do-Study-Act model in a continuous cycle of measurement, re-evaluation, and growth throughout all school and office operations.
  • Align all expenditures to the goals in our strategic plan.
  • Provide well-designed technology tools that foster collaboration and communication.

Outcomes and Strategies

Outcome 4.1

All facilities are safe and secure.

  • Strategy 4.1.1 – Strengthen security and safety practices and ensure consistency across the school system.
  • Strategy 4.1.2 – Strengthen and standardize emergency response protocols and training.
  • Strategy 4.1.3 – Utilize national/international standards in risk management.

Outcome 4.2

HCPSS hires and retains a talented, effective, and diverse workforce.

  • Strategy 4.2.1 – Align hiring and staffing practices to recruit, support, and retain exceptional professional and support personnel with diverse cultural and experimental backgrounds.
  • Strategy 4.2.2 – Structure pay scales and benefits packages competitively for each specialized area.
  • Strategy 4.2.3 – Implement a comprehensive professional learning induction program for all employees that includes an introduction to the system’s benefits, procedures, supports, culture, and customized professional learning.
  • Strategy 4.2.4 – Provide multiple pathways for professional growth and advancement.

Outcome 4.3

Resource and staffing allocations are aligned with strategic priorities.

  • Strategy 4.3.1 – Implement a zero-based budgeting process to invest in strategic priorities.
  • Strategy 4.3.2 – Annually report on how budget priorities are aligned to the strategic plan.
  • Strategy 4.3.3 – Audit and adjust staffing and resource allocations to meet strategic plans.
  • Strategy 4.3.4 – Implement structures to allow the workforce to adapt to the needs of the organization, including flexible staffing models.

Outcome 4.4

Technology is leveraged to optimize operational efficiency and effectiveness.

  • Strategy 4.4.1 – Utilize technology tools that are intuitive, efficient, effective across platforms, and requirements-driven in a standardized environment.
  • Strategy 4.4.2 – Streamline and automate organizational processes in alignment with industry best practices.
  • Strategy 4.4.3 – Create single entry technology portals that provide integrated services responsive to user needs.
  • Strategy 4.4.4 – Integrate technology resources to eliminate redundancy and improve efficiency.

Outcome 4.5

A culture of performance management drives and aligns decisions and operations throughout schools and offices.

  • Strategy 4.5.1 – Refine central services to streamline operations, optimize efficiency and effectiveness, and facilitate collaboration.
  • Strategy 4.5.2 – Utilize consistent performance management practices to plan, evaluate, and refine initiatives.
  • Strategy 4.5.3 – Implement continuous improvement practices, including quality control and process management, in every school and division.
  • Strategy 4.5.4 – Develop centralized business, student, and employee data systems for use in performance management.

Outcome 4.6

Decisions are informed by relevant data in all operational areas.

  • Strategy 4.6.1 – Regularly consider research-based best practices.
  • Strategy 4.6.2 – Consistently include collaborative stakeholder teams in planning processes to inform decisions.
  • Strategy 4.6.3 – Routinely benchmark with comparison organizations to analyze current practices and identify best practices.
  • Strategy 4.6.4 – Develop evaluation plans for all pilots and refine programs based on evaluation results.
  • Strategy 4.6.5 – Conduct root cause analyses, after action reviews, and regular audits.
  • Strategy 4.6.6 – Implement consistent data protocols in every school and office.
  • Strategy 4.6.7 – Increase accessibility of system, school, and student performance data by parents, administrators, teachers, and students.