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Budget Fiscal Year 2019

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Overview of Process

The process of preparing the operating budget begins each fall when school system managers compile budget requests for the next fiscal year. These preliminary requests are reviewed and adjusted by supervisors. Requests are submitted to the school system’s Budget Office and are reviewed by the Superintendent of Schools and senior management.

After revisions, the Superintendent submits a proposed budget to the Board of Education. After holding a public hearing and several work sessions, the Board of Education approves its proposed budget, which is then submitted to the County Executive. The Executive may recommend reductions to the education request before submitting a proposed budget to the County Council.

The County Council holds hearings and may make changes to the Executive’s budget. The Council may reduce any portion of the Executive’s budget and may restore funding to the school system budget up to the level originally requested by the Board of Education. The Council approves the school system budget by major category.

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