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Charter Schools

There are currently no charter schools in Howard County.

Process and Timeline to Form a New Public Charter School

A Letter of Intent Form & Prospectus, Application to Form a Public Charter School, and Charter School Application Budget Form are all requirements in the application process and are found below. The application timeline for public charter schools opening in the 2019-2020 school year is as follows:

Letter of Intent Form & Prospectus (PDF)

Completed form due: TBD

(Form can also be found on pages 12-16 within the full application)

Application to Form a Charter School (PDF)

A full application will only be accepted from potential applicants who have submitted a Letter of Intent and Prospectus by the above deadline.

Completed form due: TBD

Charter School Application Budget Form (Excel Format)

Completed form due: TBD

(Required in addition to the Application to Form a Public Charter School)

Additional Information

Policy 10040 Charter Schools

Charter School Resources:


For more information concerning the HCPSS public charter school application process, please contact:

HCPSS Policy/Charter School Office – 410-313-6870

Email the department directly at