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Staff Focus

Photos of exceptional staff

A world-class educational system fully leverages the talent, energy and creativity of highly engaged staff. Staff engagement is a prerequisite to student engagement so we foster a culture that brings out the best in our employees.

Staff Focus: Kimberlyn Pratesi, Principal, Hammond Elementary School

Hammond Elementary School Principal Kimberlyn Pratesi’s passion for education has never wavered, from her childhood days playing school in her basement to winning this year’s HCPSS 2018 Principal of the Year award.

Staff Focus, Tracy Spillman, Gifted and Talented Resource Teacher, Lime Kiln Middle School

Originally from Prince George’s County, Tracy Spillman began her teaching career at a Prince George’s elementary school. She was convinced by her then principal to look into and apply to teach in Howard County.

Staff Focus: Jen Andres, Mailroom Clerk

HCPSS Central Office Mailroom Clerk Jen Andres is a lifelong Howard County resident and Oakland Mills High School alumna. Central Office has enjoyed Andres’ infectious smile and passion for Baltimore sports during her 12 years working in the mailroom.

Staff Focus: Stephanie Geddie, Title I Point of Contact, Laurel Woods Elementary School

Laurel Woods Elementary School Title I Point of Contact Stephanie Geddie has journeyed from homelessness to Teacher of the Year. She channels the support of the strong community she had growing up into her current work engaging families and connecting with students, especially those in similar situations.

Staff Focus: Trina Johnson, Paraeducator, Oakland Mills Middle School

Oakland Mills Middle School paraeducator Trina Johnson uses her experience and passion to support teachers and staff, and to make connections with students to ensure their academic and social-emotional well-being.

Staff Focus: Maddy Halbach, Academy of Finance Instructor, Applications and Research Laboratory (ARL)

Applications and Research Laboratory Academy of Finance Instructor Maddy Halbach helps high school students develop important financial skills and literacy to prepare them for college, careers and life.

Staff Focus: Julia Allan, Kindergarten Teacher, Northfield Elementary School

Northfield Elementary School Kindergarten Teacher Julia Allan has returned to her own Kindergarten classroom to fulfill her dream of teaching in Howard County.

Staff Focus: Sara Wolfson, Reading Support Teacher, Running Brook Elementary School

Running Brook Elementary School Reading Support Teacher Sara Wolfson increases students’ reading capabilities through schoolwide reading and writing programs for both teachers and students.

Staff Focus: Colin Moe, Academic Life Skills Teacher, Centennial High School

Centennial High School alumnus Colin Moe is now an Academic Life Skills Teacher at the school. He works with non-diploma bound students to teach mathematics and other skills to provide opportunities for the students to become positive contributors to the community.

Stacey Storm, Cluster Nurse, Marriotts Ridge High School

Marriotts Ridge High School Cluster Nurse Stacey Storm takes care of students and staff inside and outside the health room.