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Coaching Vacancies


The following paid coaching opportunities are available and considered temporary services. Interested candidates should contact the school’s Athletics and Activities Manager for more information.

Fall 2018

Atholton High School

Michael Senisi, 410-313-7080

  • Girls’ Cross Country
  • Freshman Volleyball

Centennial High School

Jean Vanderpool, 410-313-2865

  • Football Assistant

Glenelg High School

Daniel Sageman, 410-313-5539

  • JV Girls’ Soccer
  • Varsity Girls’ Soccer
  • JV Volleyball

Hammond High School

Michael Lerner, 410-313-7605

  • Football Assistant

Howard High School

Michael Duffy, 410-313-2874

  • No Vacancies

Long Reach High School

Joe Thomas, 410-313-7414

  • JV Girls’ Soccer

Marriotts Ridge High School

Christopher Reagle, 410-313-5421

  • Varsity Cheer

Mt. Hebron High School

Jeannie Prevosto, 410-313-2885

  • See fall certificated vacancies

Oakland Mills High School

Troy Stevenson, 410-313-6953

  • Boys’ Cross Country
  • Girls’ Cross Country
  • Varsity Girls’ Soccer

Reservoir High School

Josh Sullivan, 410-888-8853

  • Varsity Volleyball

River Hill High School

Brandon Lauer, 410-313-7114

  • Freshman Volleyball

Wilde Lake High School

Brian Rau, 410-313-6973

  • JV Cheerleading
  • Girls’ Cross Country