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Elementary School Gifted and Talented Programs

Special curriculum and services are provided by one or more G/T Resource Teachers in every elementary school. General education teachers also provide instruction to allow for accelerated learning in Language Arts and Mathematics.

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Mathematics Program

The G/T Mathematics Program offers an enriched mathematics curriculum that is accelerated by at least two years. It replaces the general education mathematics curriculum and is taught daily by the G/T Resource Teacher. Participation in the 4/5 G/T Mathematics Program is based upon multiple criteria, including a variety of performance measures and the results from the administration of the Cognitive Abilities Test (CogAT) to all students in Grade 3.

School-wide Enrichment Program

The School-wide Enrichment Program provides systematic enrichment opportunities that include the following components.

General exploratory activities are designed to maximize exposure to a wide variety of potential areas of interest. These activities are available to all students and may include field trips, guest speakers, cultural arts events, and interest centers.

Instructional seminars are designed to extend student interests beyond general exploratory experiences. Students develop a broad range of advanced-level skills in preparation for in-depth study and creation of a product on a chosen interest. G/T Resource Teachers provide advanced-level instruction and schedule these opportunities for interested students. Skill development might include written, oral, and visual communication skills, critical and creative thinking skills, research skills, technology skills, and skills in visual and performing arts. Seminar topics may include consultation with professionals involved in the field of study who provide students with additional instruction and guidance as they engage in product development. Instructional seminar products will be displayed for community viewing at the school enrichment fairs in the spring. Teachers, students, or parents may nominate students to participate in an instructional seminar.

Curriculum Extension Units offer opportunities for selected students in grades two through five to participate in thematic units that engage them in advanced-level thinking, questioning, and research. Students are nominated for participation by teachers based on academic strengths as demonstrated on a variety of performance indicators such as assessments, test scores, and parent input. Selected students receive individual letters of invitation. While participating in these units, students receive instruction from the G/T Resource Teacher (approximately 2 hours a week) in advanced-level communication, research, and technology skills. Students develop an individual or group product for presentation and evaluation by an appropriate audience. Parents can expect regular progress reports and an informal evaluation at the conclusion of the unit. Enrichment unit products will be shared with the community at the school enrichment fairs in the spring.

Research Investigations offer the highest level of enrichment for students who demonstrate a sincere interest in a particular field and a willingness to pursue this interest at an advanced-level over an extended period of time. In their role as investigator, individual or small groups of students discover and document real world problems, create original solutions, and seek to fill gaps in the knowledge within a field of study. Students apply their knowledge of advanced-level content in their pursuit of the investigative process. This process includes formulating a problem, utilizing the research tools and methodologies of the professional, and presenting the results to an authentic audience. The G/T Resource Teacher provides instruction on advanced-level skills, facilitates the gathering of resource materials, and provides opportunities for feedback from a professional. Investigations generally last through the school year. The amount of instructional time each week with the G/T Resource Teacher depends upon the complexity of the investigation and involves additional work outside the classroom. Parents can expect regular progress reports throughout the investigation and a formal evaluation at the conclusion of the investigation. All research investigations are displayed for community viewing at the school enrichment fairs in the spring.

Elementary School G/T Resource Teachers

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