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Science Education Links

Kindergarten Science Links

Unit: Seasons

Unit: Weather

  • Weather Dude – Songs and lyrics, Q n’ As, quizzes and book lists.

Grade 1 Science Links

  • WebGame – Interactive science test that can be adapted to a student’s level.

Q1: Space Science

Unit: Physical Science – Properties of Matter

  • Brain Pop – The properties of matter. A variety of games, videos and information.
  • Chem4Kids – The properties of matter including solids, liquids, and gases.
  • Matter – Good site to use with an LCD projector or TV hook-up.
  • Matter Mania – Simple slideshow that shows examples of solids and liquids.
  • Sensational Slime – Making “slime” and identifying the properties of matter.
  • States of Matter – A great reference. Includes definitions and examples.

Unit: Physical Science – Forces

  • Forces in Toys – A clear definition of push and pull. Shows how toys move.

Unit: Physical Science – Toys in Action

Unit:  Earth Science – Rocks and Fossils

Unit: Life Science – Organisms and Habitats

Grade 2 Science Links

Q2: Earth Science – Soil and Erosion

Q4: Life Cycle/Ants and Other Organisms

Q1: Space Science – Earth’s Moon


Grade 3 Science Links

Q4: Life Science: Plants and Trees

Q1: Earth Science – Weather Elements

Q3: Physical Science – Heat, Light, and Sound/Experimentation

Q1: Objects in the Sky

Grade 4 Science Links

Teacher-related Links

Q1: Space Science – The Solar System

Q1-Q3: Earth Science – The Changing Earth

Q1-Q3: Physical Science – Electricity

Q1-Q3: Life Science – Interdependence of Living Things

Grade 5 Science Links

Q1: Space Science

Q1-Q3: Earth Science – Properties of Water

Q4: Physical Science – Forces

Teacher-related Links

Q1-Q3: Oceanography

  • Give Water a Hand – Involves students in a clean drinking water project.
  • Sea World – Sea animals with info on senses, habitat, behavior, diet and picture.

Q1-Q3: Life Science – Ecosystems