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Alternative Education Programs

Alternative education programs are designed to meet the needs of students with significant behavioral and academic challenges. In the HCPSS, alternative programs can be found in neighborhood schools, at the countywide alternative learning center, and through our evening school offerings.

All alternative education programs provide academic and behavioral supports and interventions, intensive case management services, enhanced parent outreach, skill development in conflict resolution and anger management, and frequent progress monitoring. Other common features include small class sizes, close adult supervision, frequent contact between school and home, and learning strategies and approaches individually designed to meet the needs of students. Alternative education programs support the goals of the school system’s Bridge to Excellence Comprehensive Plan by ensuring that participating students perform at the highest level possible.


For more information contact the Office of Alternative Education Programs at 410-313-7178.

Jennifer Peduzzi, Coordinator of Alternative Education Programs

Lisa Bertucci, Resource Teacher, Alternative Education Programs

Carletta Sweeney, Administrative Assistant