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Talbott Springs Preschool Program

Launched in Summer 2021, this inclusive half-day (2.5 hour) pilot program serves eligible three-year-old children who live in the Talbott Springs and Stevens Forest attendance areas. Unlike other HCPSS programs, this program is co-taught by both general and special educators. The program is available at no cost and transportation will be provided to qualifying students.

The curriculum supports early learning and school readiness and fosters academic, social, emotional and physical development. Family training and engagement opportunities in a variety of settings also are provided as appropriate.


To be eligible for this program, children must live in either the Talbott Springs or Stevens Forest attendance area and meet one of the following qualifications:

  • Age 3 by September 1 and meet first priority criteria, including income eligible, homelessness and foster care; or
  • Age 3 and deemed eligible by an Individualized Education Program (IEP) team

The Application Process

Parents/guardians of students deemed eligible for special education and related services will be notified by the IEP team if they are able to participate in this program. No application is needed in this case.

Parents/guardians of prospective preschool students who meet first priority criteria (noted above) must complete an application. For an application and additional information, please contact:

  • Talbott Springs Elementary School – (410) 313-6915
  • Stevens Forest Elementary School- (410) 313-6900
  • The Office of Early Childhood Programs – 410-313-5693 or

At this time, families that qualify for first-priority criteria will be placed first into preschool; secondary priority applicants will be placed on a waitlist.(Note: Placement on the waitlist is not a guarantee of acceptance. Spaces may become available at any time during the year.) When space allows, as determined by the Superintendent/Designee, children who meet second priority criteria may be considered for enrollment.

Second priority category includes students who are either: English Language Learners, have health concerns, have a history of receiving other services (Child Find, special education, social services), have a family history of learning difficulties, or meet household income up to 300% of the Federal Income Eligibility Guidelines.

Applying for the Talbott Springs Preschool Program, regardless of the time of year, does not automatically guarantee enrollment. Every attempt is made to provide space for as many children as possible but spaces are limited.

If you have concerns about your child’s development, please contact: