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HCPSS After Prom – Frequently Asked Questions

After Prom activities allow students to participate in post-prom activities in a safe and substance-free environment. The following questions and answers are intended to assist sponsoring organizations, such as PTAs, in hosting After Prom events.

How can after prom events be booked on school property?

HCPSS facilities may be booked using the Online Use of Facilities Request found at

What school system policy covers after prom parties on school system property?

Policy 10020: Use of School Facilities must be followed for all events on school grounds.

What costs are involved with using schools for after prom parties?

In acknowledgement of the important role that After Prom activities play in providing a safe and substance-free environment for students, HCPSS will waive all building usage, HVAC, and custodial fees for After Prom events held at the school.

Who is responsible for providing supplies and coordinating contracts for supplies and services for after prom parties?

Sponsoring organization officials are responsible for signing all contracts for facilities, supplies, services, etc.

Will the school system provide security personnel for After Prom events?

HCPSS does not provide supervision or security personnel for After Prom events. The sponsoring organization is responsible for enforcement of guidelines, public laws, etc.

Are after prom parties held on school property considered school-sponsored events?

No. Permission slips, letters, notices, announcements, publicity, etc. must include statements indicating that the event is not school-sponsored.

What activities are permitted at after prom parties on school property?

If the school’s PTA is the sponsoring organization, it is recommended that they review the PTA Insurance and Loss Prevention Guide for guidance on permissible and prohibited activities and insurance procedures.

What other requirements must be met during after prom parties on school system property?

Compliance with the Howard County Fire Code is required during all events. The Office of the Fire Marshal has created a Special Events Checklist that explains the requirements.