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Wilde Lake Middle School Construction Project

This is a finished construction project.

The New, Net Zero Wilde Lake Middle School

Completed in August 2017, the new Wilde Lake Middle School is the first net zero energy school in Maryland. A net zero energy building generates as much energy as it uses over the course of a year as a result of building system efficiencies and on-site renewable energy sources, such as solar power. The new Wilde Lake Middle School is positioned to be the most energy conscious and efficient school in the state, furthering HCPSS’ commitment to environmental sustainability as a support for healthy learning environments.

Learn more about the unique environmental aspects of the school.

Project Summary

Renovation History

Wilde Lake Middle School opened in 1969 with an open classroom design for Grades 6 – 8. The school is a single story building with masonry exterior wall construction. The school has had one building addition and one major renovation in 1975 and 1996 respectively.

Current Project

Wilde Lake Middle School specifically serves the Town Center of Columbia so it is important that the school prepare to meet the demands of the higher student population as Columbia continues to grow. Due to the predicted increase in student population, the need to reallocate program spaces inside of the school, and various systemic needs of the building, we have investigated three options for the project including a limited renovation and addition, a major renovation and addition, and a replacement school.

Based on lower life cycle costs, improvements to the building and site, and a potentially lower local funding contribution, a replacement school is recommended. The replacement school would be built on Wilde Lake Middle School property and would be one of only three net zero energy schools in the state of Maryland.


Concept Development Stage: Feasibility Study

  • The feasibility study describes various scenarios to address the systemic and programmatic needs at Wilde Lake Middle School. This study was presented to the Board at the November 21, 2013 meeting. The Board voted to approve the recommendation to proceed with planning for a replacement school, pending approval of the Interagency Committee on School Construction
  • Feasibility Study presented to the BOE
  • Supporting PowerPoint Presentation

Planning Advisory Committee (PAC) Stage

  • The PAC completed its task and selected a schematic design for Board approval.

Schematic Design Stage

Design Development Stage

Construction Document Stage

Construction Began on June 8, 2015

Construction Finished – August 2017