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Patuxent Valley Middle School Construction Project

This is a finished construction project.

Project Summary

Renovation History

Patuxent Valley Middle School was originally constructed in 1989 with six (6) modular classrooms added sometime thereafter. No renovations to the 97,445 square foot school have occurred since the building was originally constructed.

Current Project

The FY15 capital budget contained funds for the planning and partial construction funding for the renovation of Patuxent Valley Middle School. The project is intended to provide a systemic renovation of the existing mechanical, electrical, plumbing, roofing, and other aging systems in the building.

Planning meetings began at the school on November 14, 2013 and were completed by winter break. The recommendations of the Planning Committee were presented to the Board in the form of the Schematic Design Submission at the January 14, 2013 meeting.


Concept Development Stage: Assessment of Needs

The Assessment of Needs authored by Gilbert Architects described the current condition of the build and made recommendations regarding the scope of future renovations.

Planning Advisory Committee (PAC) Stage

The PAC completed its task and selected a schematic design for Board approval.

Schematic Design Stage

Design Development Stage

Construction Document Stage

Construction Began in June 2015

Construction Finished – August, 2017