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Policy 4020 - Fund Raising

The purpose of this policy is to provide a framework for fund raising activities at each of the schools in the Howard County Public School System (HCPSS) that safeguards instructional time, supports a common educational experience for all students, and includes appropriate accountability provisions.

Policy Document

I. Dissemination of Information

  1. The school principal shall annually inform all schools, school-sponsored organizations and non-school organizations of the provisions of this policy.

  2. Fund raising forms shall be made available to all schools, school-sponsored organizations, and non-school organizations.

II. Fund Raising Requests

  1. Any school, school-sponsored organization, or non-school organizations wishing to raise funds must first file a completed fund raising form with the local committee at the appropriate school.

  2. Information provided on the form at the time of the request will include:

    1. Name of the school

    2. Name of the organization or staff member

    3. Name and telephone number of a sponsor/contact person

    4. Date of the request

    5. Title, description, and requested starting and ending dates for the activity

    6. Name of the approved vendor to be used (if applicable)

    7. Anticipated income

    8. Intended use of funds

  3. The local committee will review each fund raising form received and recommend to the school-based administrator that the request be approved or denied, or that additional information be requested from the sponsor/contact person.

  4. The school-based administrator, based on the review and recommendation of the local committee, will approve or deny the request and will either notify the sponsor/contact person of the decision or request additional information.

  5. If additional information is requested from a sponsor/contact person, the school-based administrator will approve or deny the request upon receipt of such information.

  6. Use of school facilities is subject to the provisions of this policy and use will be denied for fund raising activities that have not been approved. All approved fund raisers involving the use of school facilities shall be scheduled on the school master calendar in accordance with school rules and Policy 10020 - Use of School Facilities.

  7. The school-based administrator, in conjunction with the local committee, will coordinate the approval and scheduling of fund raising activities to avoid conflicts and competition between groups.

  8. No publicity or advertisements for fund raisers will be disseminated to students or staff through the School’s communication channels without an approved fund raising application.

III. Fund Raising Activities

  1. School staff members, school-sponsored organizations, and non-school organizations will plan and supervise all fund raising events that they sponsor.

  2. School and school-sponsored groups will handle the collection of receipts generated by fund raising activities to avoid using or impacting instructional time, either directly or indirectly.

  3. All funds collected and disbursed by schools and school-sponsored organizations will be administered through the school activity account in accordance with Policy 4030 - School Activity Funds.

  4. Information on fund raising activities not sponsored by the school, a school-related organization or the school system must clearly identify the sponsoring organization in order to be distributed in schools.

IV. Reporting

  1. All fund raisers held by a school or a school sponsored group must complete a Fund Raising Completion Report in accordance with the Guidelines for Sponsoring a School Activity Fund (SAF) Fund-Raiser. This form and the instructions for completing it are included in the Manual of Policies and Procedures for Administering School Activity Funds issued by the Finance Office.

  2. All non-school organizations (including PTA’s and boosters) are EXEMPT from the reporting requirements of Policy 4020 - Fund Raising. Donations to schools from non-school organizations fall within Policy 4010 - Donations.

  3. At the conclusion of each fund raising event, the sponsor/contact person shall record on the fund raising form and provide to the school-based administrator the following information:

    1. Gross income (money or fair market value of goods)

    2. Expenses

    3. Net profit

    4. Intended or actual disbursement of net profit

  4. If the profit earned is a commission on sales and determined as a percentage of the gross income, the percentage shall also be provided.

  5. The school-based administrator shall record and provide annually to the business office information for each school or school sponsored organization approved fund raiser as prescribed by the superintendent/designee. This information shall also be made available to the public upon request.

  6. The Superintendent/designee shall report annually to the Board of Education on the status of school fund raising.

V. History

ADOPTED - March 14, 1991

REVIEWED - July 1, 2011


REVISED - January 27, 2005

EFFECTIVE - July 1, 2005