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Home and Hospital Teaching for Students with IEPs


Students with a diagnosed physical or emotional condition who have an Individualized Education Plan (IEP) require additional consideration while receiving Home and Hospital Teaching.

All students with IEPs may apply for Home and Hospital Teaching. COMAR requires that the Home and Hospital Teaching application be re-verified at 60 calendar days in order for the team to approve extended time on Home and Hospital Teaching.

If the student is applying with an emotional crisis, the school team may be able to approve extending Home and Hospital Teaching for a maximum of 60 consecutive school days, and cannot be re-verified.

  1. All applications must be re-verified every 60 calendar days.
  2. If the community provider, in collaboration with the school team, recommends that the student continue Home and Hospital beyond 60 calendar days, a new application must be provided for re-verification.
  3. The total maximum amount of time that Home and Hospital services may be provided is for 60 consecutive school days from the onset of Home and Hospital instruction.

In addition to the documentation required for the application process, the IEP Team must meet to review and revise the IEP, as appropriate.

The IEP Team shall:

  • Determine the instructional services to be provided to the student as long as the medical and/or emotional restrictions apply
  • Develop a plan for returning the student to a school-based program.
  • Review the students’ progress every 30 calendar days at an IEP Team meeting until the student returns to school. After 30 days, the IEP team should meet to plan for the student’s return to an appropriate educational placement.