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Home and Hospital Teaching – Frequently Asked Questions

What is the home teaching program?

The Home and Hospital program is designed to provide instructional continuity to students who are unable to attend their regular school of enrollment due to:

  • Physical illness or disability.
  • Emotional crisis (including substance abuse).
  • Pregnancy.
  • Chronic health impairment.

It is a short-term, itinerant instructional service mandated by state law with specific guidelines for program implementation and delivery. Preparing for the eventual return to school, the educational services provided enable students to continue their academic work and to remain current with their peers.

Is my child eligible for home teaching?

Howard County students are eligible for Home and Hospital teaching when it is determined by a physician or certified psychologist that the student has a physical or emotional disability serious enough to preclude school attendance or a chronic health impairment that causes the student to be absent at least 20% of the time.

If my child is hospitalized, how will the Howard County Public School System provide for his or her education?

If the child is hospitalized, collaboration between the hospital’s local school district, hospital staff and HCPSS will be coordinated through the Home and Hospital Office. Please inform your child’s home school when a hospitalization is eminent.

If my child were on home/hospital teaching for any part of the year who determines his or her grades?

Grades will be awarded by the home teacher for work completed under his or her direction. These grades are to be averaged proportionately with grades earned while in school.

If my child has an IEP, will he or she still get the support services in his or her IEP at home?

The IEP team, with your input, will decide how support services will be provided. Please address this question to them.

How many hours per week will my child receive once her or she is on home teaching?

Usually six hour per week of instruction is provided unless otherwise specified in an IEP.

Where does home teaching take place?

Services may be provided in the home school, home, hospital, or community setting.