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New Teacher Required Documentation

Maryland Certification

  • Completed Maryland Department of Education Application.
  • Certification Fee Authorization Form.
  • A copy of a current Maryland or Out-of-State teaching certificate.
  • A copy of all test taken for certification.
  • Official transcripts.
  • Verification of Experience from previous school systems.

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Conditional Certificate

  • Valid 2 years for 12 credit hours or less plus test .
  • 2 certificates, valid 2 years each 13+ credit hours plus test(s).
  • Provisional Contract (valid 1 year).
  • Conditionally certified teachers must complete 6 semester hours of credit towards full certification by the end of the first conditional certificate year.
  • Courses may be taken for undergraduate or graduate credits.
  • Reading course may be taken as Continuing Professional Development (CPD) credits.


  • Certification Specialist – Lasheda Young (A-K) – 410-313-6783
  • Certification Specialist – Lindy Sims (L-Z) – 410-313-6813

Failure to complete certification requirements by the expiration date of a current conditional certificate will result in termination.