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Technology Use in HCPSS

Two girls exploring a programmable sphere.

HCPSS believes that technology can enhance all aspects of learning, prepare students for a 21st-century workplace and has become an everyday tool for today’s youth. The HCPSS vision for integrating technology into curriculum and instruction is that students and staff leverage technology to enhance authentic learning experiences and expand their ability to be empowered learners and collaborative global citizens.

HCPSS staff are expected to provide inclusive access for all students and protect the data privacy of all students and staff. When integrating technology into instruction, HCPSS promotes collaboration, authentic learning, application of knowledge and skills, inquiry, and perseverance.

HCPSS permits students to bring personal technology devices to school for instructional or personal use.

All device use in school for instructional or personal use will be at the discretion of school administrators who will work with their staff to set and manage expectations for personally-owned technology use in classrooms and public spaces during the school day.

  • At the elementary school level, school administrators and staff may require personal technology devices remain in students’ backpacks during the school day.
  • At the middle and high school levels, school administrators and staff may establish rules specific for their school for personal technology use during class transitions, lunch and special events.

Students, with parent/guardian permission, assume full responsibility for their devices including safety, security and maintenance.

HCPSS is not responsible for any charges to user accounts that may be incurred during approved school-related use.

Staff Expectations

Student Expectations

Parent and Guardian Expectations