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Bring Your Own Device


Bring your own device (BYOD) is a program that allows students to use their personal device for HCPSS sanctioned activities and connect to the Internet for instructional activities.

Beginning in the 2015–2016 school year, students in all middle and high schools are permitted to use personal devices for HCPSS–approved activities and connect to the Internet for approved instructional activities.

BYOD provides teachers another way to present material and gives students flexibility to find resources that are particular to classroom instruction. Having students use their own technology in class speeds up the research process once they’ve been given an assignment.

Access to instructional resources, increased collaboration, personal productivity, and an enhanced learning environment are outcomes of the BYOD program. Teachers and students have indicated a number of benefits associated with BYOD: increased student independence/autonomy, increased student engagement, and the ability of BYOD to facilitate student communication and collaboration.

The amount of class time in which students are using their laptop, tablet, or smartphone in class varies, depending the curricular unit and teacher preferences.

What if My Student Can’t Bring a Device?

No student’s learning experience or academic performance will be affected because he or she does not have an Internet-connected device to bring to school. HCPSS is committed to reducing technology inequity so every child can learn equally. Use of personal electronic devices is optional.

Student Responsibilities

Individuals will be permitted to use personal technology devices in accordance with related HCPSS policies. Failure to comply with these policies may result in the temporary or permanent revocation of use privileges, in addition to any other appropriate disciplinary action.

HCPSS is not responsible for lost or damaged devices.

Guidelines, Forms & Frequently Asked Questions

Instructional and Administrative Guidelines (PDF)

This document describes HCPSS basic guidelines for device usage.

Frequently Asked Questions

Get answers to questions about the benefits of BYOD, relevant HCPSS policies, content filtering and more.

Staff Resources

Professional Development Modules

Topics include digital citizenship and responsibility, social media usage, and more.