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PARCC Accommodations

Appropriate accommodations are determined by the student’s IEP or Section 504 team. Accommodations may affect the test setting, the way the student answers the questions, the way in which the test is given to a student, or when the test is scheduled. Accommodations provided on the PARCC assessments will generally be the same as those provided for classroom assessments.

Presentation Accommodations change how the test is given. Some examples include:

  • Use of assistive technology, such as an adapted keyboard, mouse, or computer screen
  • Braille edition of the tests. This may be a hard copy of the English language arts/literacy (ELA/L) and mathematics assessments, or a refreshable braille display for ELA/L
  • Closed-captioning of multimedia passages in the ELA/L
  • Descriptive video (narrated audio description of key visual elements on the ELA/L)
  • Paper-and-pencil version of the test for a student who cannot use a computer to take the test
  • Tactile graphics for students who read braille
  • Video of an interpreter using American Sign Language for the mathematics assessments and/or the test directions
  • Text-to-speech for the ELA/L assessments including items, response options, and passages

Response Accommodations give students a different way to answer test questions. Some examples include:

  • Assistive technology
  • Braille note taker
  • Scribing or speech-to-text (e.g., dictating/transcribing) for the ELA/L and mathematics assessments
  • Calculation device for the non-calculation sections of the mathematics assessments
  • Word prediction on the ELA/L performance-based assessments

Timing and scheduling accommodations are changes in the amount of time a student has to complete the assessment, when the test is given during the day, and/or whether a student may take breaks as needed.

To ensure that the accommodation results in a valid score, the PARCC Accessibility Features and Accommodations Manual provides additional guidance for IEP and Section 504 teams to consider when selecting certain accommodations for an individual student.

While the PARCC accessibility features and accommodations are comprehensive, it is possible that a student may require an additional accommodation that is not listed. The school should be consulted for unique accommodation scenarios.