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PARCC Accessibility Features

The PARCC Accessibility System expands student access, increases student participation, and provides equal opportunities for students. PARCC features tools that all students can use on the test. These tools are typical of those students already use in classroom computers or at home.

Features include:

  • A highlighter tool to shade text on the screen to help students recall information later
  • A pop-up glossary (definition appears when student holds cursor over the word)
  • A spell checker that functions as they write

Students are also able to

  • Enlarge text on the computer screen to see words, pictures, and details more clearly
  • Write and edit notes on an on-screen notepad
  • Flag items that they want to come back to later
  • Cross out answers for multiple-choice items

Additional features also are available to meet individual student’s needs. These features are written into students’ IEPs, Section 504 plans, or listed on a sheet that shows what the students need on the PARCC assessments.

  • Masking, which allows students to cover answer options
  • Adjusting the color contrast of the background or text
  • Using the line reader tool to move text up and down
  • Using text-to-speech for the mathematics assessments, allowing students to hear the test questions

PARCC administration is flexible, and enables school principals to accommodate individual students’ needs through use of different testing spaces and/or scheduled times, as long as all formal PARCC requirements are met.