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Health Education Units

Family Life And Human Sexuality Unit

The HCPSS health education curriculum includes units in Family Life and Human Sexuality for Grades 5 through 9. In grade 5, this unit is entitled “Puberty Education.” In grades 6-9, this unit is entitled “Sexual Health.” Maryland State Board of Education Regulation 13A.04.01 states that: “It is the responsibility of the local school system to provide a comprehensive program of Family Life and Human Sexuality as a part of a total health program. This program shall adhere to the Standards and Procedures adopted by the Maryland State Board of Education.”

Due to the sensitive nature of this instruction, as directed by the Maryland State Regulation (COMAR 13A.04.18.03), “students may be excused from this unit upon written request from their parent/guardian.” In preparation for the unit, parents will receive a notification which includes the unit objectives and an exclusion form.

Unit Objectives By Grade

Exclusion Materials

Parents will receive notification materials in advance of the unit.

Elementary (Puberty Education)

Secondary (Sexual Health)


Howard County public schools provide instruction on HIV/AIDS in Health Education in grades six through nine.

The Maryland State Board of Education requires that each school system provide instruction about the Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS) “at least once in grades three to six, six to nine, and nine to twelve” (COMAR 13A.04.18).

Instruction addressing HIV/AIDS is taught as part of the formal Health Education curriculum in grade 6, 8, and 9. Parents may exclude their child from instruction in HIV/AIDS prevention in Health Education by completing an HIV/AIDS Exclusion Form (PDF)