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Staff Focus

Photos of exceptional staff

A world-class educational system fully leverages the talent, energy and creativity of highly engaged staff. Staff engagement is a prerequisite to student engagement so we foster a culture that brings out the best in our employees.

Alicia Cagnolatti, Regional Program Teacher (Intermediate), Fulton Elementary School

Fulton Elementary School’s Alicia Cagnolatti approaches her role as a regional program teacher with a calling to serve others and a strong interest in understanding social behavior.

Staff Focus: Jarrod Thompson, Manager of Print Services

Jarrod Thompson, manager of print services, joined the print shop “family” over a year ago. With his positive and proactive leadership, the print shop continues to get more efficient with more capabilities to serve HCPSS and its students.

Steve Ammann, 8th Grade English Language Arts Teacher and Instructional Team Leader, Mount View Middle School

It’s no surprise that “positivity” is a top Strength for Steve Ammann when one of his teaching mottos is “Learn it with laughter; learn it for a lifetime.” Getting hired right out of college, he has spent his entire career as a Mount View Middle School 8th grade English Language Arts (ELA) teacher.

Mecah Washington, Special Education Paraeducator, Ducketts Lane Elementary School

Washington has made it her professional mission to build strong connections with all her students, so they can find their voices and receive a quality education.

Staff Focus: Kim Burke, CTE Teacher, Marriotts Ridge High School

Burke believes in creating community to engage her students. Therefore, she is incredibly active at her school, Marriotts Ridge High School.

Anthony Bell, Special Educator, Homewood Center

Homewood Center Special Educator Anthony Bell describes himself as a “cycle breaker.” A Wilde Lake High School alumnus, Bell pushed himself through a winding, decades-long path from community college dropout to HCPSS custodian and now an aspiring assistant principal.

Joan Ogaitis, Occupational Therapy Program Head, Special Education

Joan Ogaitis leads the HCPSS occupational therapy program with a full heart and long-term vision as she works to remove learning barriers for students, so they can succeed in the classroom and ultimately in life.

Mary Keats, Second Grade Teacher, Bushy Park Elementary School

Mary Keats, a Bushy Park Elementary School second grade teacher, is a veteran educator who keeps her teaching fresh with the latest instructional practices coupled with her personal flair for making learning fun.

Monica Maiden, BSAP Achievement Liaison, Guilford Elementary School

Monica Maiden, as BSAP achievement liaison at Guilford Elementary School, spends her days helping close the achievement gap. She supports students at all levels excel.

Amy English, Third Grade Team Leader, Bellows Spring Elementary School

For Bellows Spring Elementary School Third Grade Team Leader Amy English, it’s all about camaraderie in the quest for academic excellence.