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Howard County Dance Festival, January 20, 2018

Posted: January 8th, 2018

Saturday, January 20, 7 p.m.– Glenelg High School, 14025 Burtwoods Road, Glenelg; Cost: $8.00

Join the Howard County Public School System & Dance Educators for the annual Howard County Dance Festival. A snow date is scheduled for Sunday, January 28.

The Howard County Dance Festival, HCDF, was created to raise awareness of the opportunities the Howard County school system offers for young people interested in dance. In addition, students already enrolled in the dance programs to experience performing for and receiving feedback from professional adjudicators. Each year approximately 500 Junior and Senior Dance Company students gather to perform ballet, modern, jazz, or tap for their peers and members of the community.

Howard County High School Dance Education promotes aesthetic sensitivity and provides an opportunity for students to experience intellectual, physical, emotional, and social growth through dance. Through exploring dance concepts, students develop and demonstrate critical thinking skills, HCPSS goals, and personal integrity. Dance education also fosters appreciation for broad cultural and historical perspectives.

The goal of Dance Education in the High School Curriculum is to provide a comprehensive program that provide experiences in various disciplines, choreography, performance, and production, while fostering collaboration, inquiry, and communication through the art form. This festival features each high schools’ program, showcasing the highest level of performance our county has to offer.